Thank you for your interest in our canaries

We raise Canaries availeble for sale or show!!

We raise American Singers, Belgium Waterslager, and German Roller Canaries. We are acknowledged Master Breeders by the American Singer National, being winners of numerous shows including two national cage bird shows with our American Singers. The Waterslager Canaries are from imported European stock. Our Rollers come from champion lines bred in the United States.

We have been raising canaries since 1984. After stumbling around for a few years, we were able to purchase a pair of American Singers with great pedigrees. The rest is history. It has been our approach, after the mistakes in the beginning, to purchase quality rather than quantity. One is far better off if they buy one very good bird or pair than several mediocre birds. As far as pets go, it does not cost any more to raise a very good song bird than it does a pet shop variety.

The American Singer is a bird with high and low notes. The Belgium Waterslager is a mid-range bird. The German Roller is a low, soft-range bird. See our other pages for more information on each variety.

We are located in Prescott Valley, AZ.
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